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All You Need To Know About Tow Truck Costs

lego-tow-truckThe average person in an average day would rarely even consider the existence of the tow truck; however, tow trucks are extremely important types of automobiles.  Why?  Well, the fact of the matter is that the tow truck can play a far greater role in the average individual’s life.  A tow truck is, if you don’t already know, a large vehicle that is able to pull other vehicles from different situations.  It is generally used for road accidents, but can also be used for repossessions and in construction.  Needless to say, tow truck services do generate large amounts of revenue; however, the capital outlay for the truck itself can be more than the income.  This article will provide information discussing the tow truck costs of different tow trucks.

  1. The Hook And Chain Truck

The most common form of tow truck is the hook and chain truck.  This type of tow truck is typically used for transporting vehicles from one location to another, such as in the case of accidents or in repossessions.  It is known as a hook and chain truck because of the separate hook and chain located on the back of the vehicle and used to pull the additional vehicle.  This type of truck can be rather costly and, as such, many tow truck companies do require hook and chain truck financing.

  1. The Quick Pick Truck

While the hook and chain truck can be used for repossessions, it is seen that repossession agencies tend to use the quick pick tow truck type.  A repossession is a removal of illegally parked, illegally owned, or reclaimed vehicle as debt payment.  In these situations, it is common for the vehicle owner to become quite irate and violent; thus, it is necessary to complete the tow rather quickly.  A quick pick truck provides speed and is preferable in these situations.  Unfortunately, this type of tow truck can be costly and their unique “quickness” leads tow truck companies to seek out financing.

Final Words On The Matter

Above are the two most well known forms of tow trucks; however, there are several more featuring different styles, such as the wheel lift truck and the flat bed truck where vehicles are towed without concern for weight or touching the body.  As can be deduced, all trucks have special features which contribute to higher prices.


Using tow truck financing would be the most suitable option to acquire these vehicles and much financing can be obtained online via different financing websites.  Using this information, you should have an idea of tow truck costs and how they can influence your company.

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